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Hack Someone's Mobile & Pc Selfie Camera With PhP Script (CamPhish)

Hack any device selfie camera by using PHP Script (CamPhish)

Hey, guys today we will discover new hacking tricks in our blog post. today we will discuss how we can hack anyone mobile or computer selfie camera by using a simple script of PHP. The name of this script is CamPhish. This script is available on Kali Linux, Termux, MacOS, Ubuntu and
Parrot Sec OS

Is It Possible To Hack Any Mobile or Pc Camera in 2020:

Yes, it is possible to hack anyone's phone camera. There are several tools and scripts available that can be used for this purpose. For example, RAT (Remote Accessing/Administration Tools) can be used to monitor the target’s phone camera.
if you hacked someone's selfie camera you can also take pictures of your surroundings. This is a wonderful script name CamPhish You can also get to know who he/she is with and where.

What Is CamPhish Rat:

CamPhish is a technique to take cam shots of the target's phone front PC webcam. CamPhish Hosts a fake website on the inbuilt PHP server and uses ngrok (server) & serveo (server) to generate a link which we will forward to the target, which can be used on over the internet. the website asks for camera permission and if the user allows it, this tool captures cam shots of target's device

Feature Of CamPhish:

The features of campish are much different from the other termux and kali Linux PHP scripts in this script you have the access of two web page templates 

1-Wishing website Template
2-Youtube Video template

In wishing website temples you will be asked for the name of wishing website which you want to generate

in second Youtube video, you will be asked for the Youtube video ID means whenever anyone clicks on that link he/she will be redirected on the youtube video (this is a new feature of this script)

This Tool Is Working On:

1-Kali Linux
5-Perrot Sec OS

How To Install CamPhish:

Before installing CamPhish first we should install basic requirements tools in our termux/ Linux
Just type Below Written command
apt-get -y install php openssh git wget
git clone
cd CamPhish

How To Run CamPhish On Termux:

1-Open Your termux and type ' pkg install git php '
2-Now type ' pkg install openssh ' 
4-Type: git clone
5-Type: 'cd CamPhish'
6-Type: 'bash CamPhish'
7-select Your server (make sure your hotspot is on)
8-Send generated Link To Your Vitim

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Note: if you guys face any difficulty regarding to downloading and any termux error please feel free to drop a comment.

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