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How facebook Can Be hacked? in 2020 Latest Techniques | Hacking fevers

How To Hack Facebook Account In 2020 Latest Techniques:

Hey, guys, today's hacking topic is how we can hack a Facebook account? How FB can be hacked? Can we hack Facebook in 2020? Yes, we can hack Facebook account in 2020 with straightforward steps. Today I am going to revealing with you some of the latest facebook hacking techniques and methods. Readers keep your eyes open let get started.

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Is Facebook Account can be Hacked In 2020?

Yes, your Facebook profile can be hacked, no matter's how much your password is strong and whether you set two-factor authentication or not.
But keep one thing in your mind that Facebook can not be hacked by itself. Because Facebook already have lagend hackers who keep on hacking Facebook whenever they find any bug on it they immediately fixed it. so, the question arises here if Facebook can not be hacked by itself then how can we hack it in 2020. wait wait! there are several methods to hack Facebook users as I told you before that Facebook can not be hacked by itself, but its users can be hacked by the several methods and techniques available on the internet, so today I am going to reveal with you such techniques by using these we can hack Facebook user not facebook

Top 5 Facebook Hacking Techniques In 2020:

let evaluate  5 famous and working the latest techniques to hack Facebook users in 2020.

1-Latest Phishing Technique:

This is one of the best and well-known technique to hack any social media account very quickly but here are some newbies who have no idea of phishing let evaluate the phishing technique

What is phishing:

Phishing is a type of social engineering attack often used to steal any user data, including login email/password and credit card numbers. It occurs when an attacker, masquerading as a trusted entity, dupes a victim into opening an email, instant message, or text message. []

Hack Facebook With Phishing Attack:

I am not providing you such a hard method to make Facebook phishing page just like others do (method of view source) it is quite tricky, and beginners can not perform that such hard method. So, you are in hacking fevers I will teach you how to make a phishing page in 2020 with a straightforward process. By using this method, you can not only make phishing page for Facebook but also other social media platforms.

Step 1- Go to z-shadow (All social media phishing site)

Step-2: Click on Sign Up Here and fill up full details (i recommended you to fill up wrong information do not show your name and complete information)

After the signing your z-shadow account you will redirect on this page.

Step -3 Now Select any of the above languages like (English, Arabic, Spanish, French)

Step-4 copy the link and send it to your victim when he/she type any password on this link you will get a notification and all his/her email and password information.

Note: If facebook block this URL on messenger then try to shorten URL (

2-Men In The Middle Attack Technique:

Men in the middle attack are a very old technique to hack any  social media account or any network 

How it works: Man-in-the-middle is a type of attack that occurs when a malicious user inserts himself as a relay/proxy into a communication session between people or systems.
In simple words, it's an attack when hacker jump between the connection of router a victim device means when victim request any of his/her query to router the hacker able to catch such query and read it.

How can we hack Facebook by a Man-in-the-middle attack?

Simple you must connect your victim with your wifi network than (for android) install zainti app on your android device(works on the rooted phone) and request your victim to insert Facebook password in his/her phone when your victim enters a password on their phone you can be able to catch router and victim request and able to see see the password.

Watch Zaini Practical Tutorial Here:

3-KeyLogger technique:

Keylogging is an effortless way to hack a Facebook password in 2020. Keylogging sometimes can be so dangerous that. A keylogger is simply a small computer script or small android application which able to catch or record your key touch (keyboard typing) and send it yo hacker email. It is merely a tiny program in which hackers install it into your computer or android devices when you type Facebook or any social media password this program will catch your keyboard keys and send it to hackers' email addresses through FTP.

How To Perform Keylogger:

STEP 1: Create Server for Hacking Passwords:

First of all, for hacking any Facebook account password, we have to create our keylogger server that will run on the victim's machine, capturing his keystrokes and emailing us the record. The keylogger server building process consists of several steps:

1- First of all, download the keylogger and a suitable binder. Binders are easily available via a Google search.
2- Extract the RAR file. Now you will get one folder and three files as shown in the below snapshot:

3- Open the Keylogger file. Here you will need a Gmail ID and password. For safer use, create a fake Gmail account

4- Now click on "Other Options." In this section, you just have to do one thing. Most hackers prefer warning message POP up, but I prefer keyloggers using any message – so unclick the message button. When you bind it with any other software, it should not have a warning message attached; otherwise, it will be detectable.

5- Finally, click on Build Keylogger. You will see your keylogger file at the location that you have chosen in the 4th step. This keylogger server file will be used to bind with other software in the Binding Step.

How to spread the keylogger:

1-Now you have one software setup file with a keylogger attached to it. (In our case, we have Ccleaner setup with keylogger attached with it)

2- Spread your keylogger through forums. If you are a member of various forums, use them to spread your keylogger in the form of software posts.

3- Spread it through pen drives or USB hard drives. Suppose a friend asked you for software, give them the software with the keylogger attached to it on the hard drive.

Note: you can also attach keyloggers to images, but that can be detectable by antivirus, so we recommend avoiding that route.

Hacking someone's Facebook account takes more than a few minutes.

4-USB Password Hacking Technique:

Another facebook latest hacking technique is USB password hacking method by using this you can able to steal the saved password from someone browsers it is also the old but gold technique to hack Facebook saved password from someone browsers like (chrome, firefox, opera, explorer, etc.)

How To Make Password Stealer USB hack Facebook:

As we know that we are making browser password stealer USB, so we need such files to download.

1-Download Chrome pass for extract chrome saved password
2-Download firefox pass for extract firefox browser saved password
3-Download opera Pass View for opera browser
3-A launch.bat file which also I provide you link to download

But Should make your own launch.bat file. Simply open notepad and type this given code:

start ChromePass.exe / stext chrome.txt
start OperaPassView.exe / stext OperaView.txt
start PasswordFox.exe / stext PasswordFox.txt
taskkill/im ChromePass.exe
taskkill/im OperaPassView.exe
taskkill/im PasswordFox.exe
As Save As Launch.bat format.

5. And At last, you have to download autorun software to make USB autorun automatically in the background

All files (chrome, firefox, opera) download from here click here
Launch.bat and autorun software download from here click here

"The password of zip files is (hacking fevers)"

After extract all these zip files which I have given you above, it's looks like this.

Making USB Password Stealer:

1-Insert your Pendrive into pc
2-copy chrome pass, password fox and operaPassView and paste it into your pen drive
3-Now open AutoRunSoftware install It And Run it

3-Click on select and select launch.bat
4-now in few seconds browse button browse your
5-and at the last press on creating once creation is completed eject your USB

hurrah you have successfully made Password Stealer Pen Drive

now insert to your victim pc or laptop it automatically runs and close on the background and
your password will save as "chromepass.cfg" "passwordfox.cfg" and vice versa on your USB pen Drive
Now eject pen drive and copy cfg (configuration file ) and open chrome pass.cfg with chromepass.exe and vice versa 

Features Of USB Password stealer

Practical Tutorial Of Making Password Stealer:

5-Hack Facebook With Tab-Napping Technique:

Tab Napping is a new hacking trick through which you can not directly hack the account of any user, and you will be using a phishing method with tab napping then you can hack an account.

Actually, Tab Napping is a script method which you put into a Website and when the user visits your website and read your article or play a game or perform any action when a user goes to another tab in a browser which contains another phishing website like Facebook, youtube, google, etc.

And when a user came back to your website, then your website will be redirected to the phishing page and request them to login with Facebook/Gmail/Yahoo account to continue.

So that is all the phishing technique do when he/she enters their login details to such page then the written login information is sent to your server and

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