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Perform Dos And Ddos Attack In Pc On Website Practical |HackingFever

Perform Dos And DDoS Attack On Website Practical |HackingFever:

Hello, friends, and you are in our blog so today i am going to explain to you that how to perform DDoS and dos attack on any website in computer I already taught you people that what is dost attack in my previous blog  so today I will do practically in that thing

DDoS attack:
Every website is stored on a hosting server, and every hosting server has the ability to know how many users can visit the website at the same time that stored on the server.
Suppose that is stored at Apache, and this server has the ability to serve 500 users a the same time. So, when 1000 users visit the site, it might shut down for some time or a long time.
A hacker can abuse this knowledge for his own purposes. He can attack by using botnets to send a lot of traffic to the victim web server (Website). Unfortunately, that is when the web servers get’s shut down.

Basically, hackers can not get benefits from this attack, but attacked companies must be at a loss. Suppose there are two companies; (1) Apple and (2) Samsung are launching their new products at 12-12-18, 12:00 P.M. Customers are waiting for 12:00 P.M.
Before 12:00 P.M., Apple.Inc will contract with hackers to DDoS attack at 12:00 P.M. against Samsung.
When it’s 12:00 P.M., Samsung’s customer will turn to Apple to get new products. So, by the DDoS attack, Apple has achieved a high selling rate and Samsung has fallen at loss.

Launching Dos Attack:
To perform this attack you need two things:
  1. The Python Engine (V2.X) to run and compile the hulk script .you can get from here:
    • Note: Download the 2nd version only for example the current on is 2.7.6. This script does not work with the 3.x version of python.
  2. script – this will run like a normal CMD.exe windows. It’s a small zip file, get it from here:
When all is done, you should have Python installed, and the file extracted. It would be easier if you installed python to a root directory.

  1. Open run, type CMD to start cmd.exe windows.
  2. Change directory to where you installed PYTHON and pull, type “CD” then the directory (Case Sensitive) (cd=chang directory) cd c:\python27
  3. Now start up the script as follows –
  4. You should now see something like this “HULK ATTACK STARTED’’
    Give it a few seconds then it will show how many requests it has sent. If a few more seconds have passed and the attack was successful, you will see something like Respons Code 500.
    View full tutorial:

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