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How to hack any whatsapp account in android with phython script | ethical hacking fever

Hack Any computer By Using Cmd  Command  Latest Windows Trick| Hacking Fever:

Hello, welcome to our blog post so guys, today i am going to reveal a latest hacking trick which is related to windows based computers.  Hack Any computer By Using Cmd  Command  

Before starting first we should: know that how this is trick working and what kind of software and exploits are needed for this trick.

Software needs:
  1. Any windows undetectable Rat  (you can learn more about rat just click here )  
  2. I am using simple bat file virus for this you only need an Advance bat to exe converter
  3. cmd exploit.

Software  Download To Hack Any Computer:

Procedure To Hack Any Pc Using Cmd:

  • After downloading this above software your file looks like this

  • open cmd exploit and also open advance bat to exe converter software
  • now in advance bat to exe converter software put you virus code
  • Read here Top 10 Dangerous viruses (Click Here)
  • Now put any of viruses code there 
  • now you have successfully made a virus exe file

  • NOW GO  to cmd exploit and put a downloadable link (how to put downloadable link this is above in practical video)
  • Now goto any hosting site and upload this html fle 
  • oh thats it  you have successfully done

Further Turorial in practical form 
practically video coming soon);

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