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How To Get Saved Password From Computer Without Being Noticed |Hacking Fever

How To Get Saved Password From Computer Without Being Noticed |Hacking Fever:

Now a day every person wants to know a little bit knowledge about hacking and cybersecurity so today I am going to explain to you that how you can hack all browser computer and login details including email address and password so read this article at the end of the word.

Hello, friend, you are in our blog. So friends today I am going to show you that how you people can get all saved passwords from computers, pc, laptops and browser wait I will explain.    

What Do We Need?   

                                we need one only one software and we will get access in all passwords and login details of a user the name of an application is rafay32 (for 32 bit) and rafay64 (for 64bit) this application is made by me you can download this application at the last of the post 

Download this application:

How does it work?

                                      First of all download the application which downloading link I gave above then you will get a folder name password hacking rar where you will find to files rafay32 (for 32bit) and rafay64(for 64 bit) now extract the password hacking folder on your desktop and minimize the windows now go to the windows start at the right corner of the windows button and click here as shown in screenshot

              now click windows start button and search here cmd or command prompt and run cmd as an administration

       Now type command cd desktop and press enter then again type cd password hacking

Now if your window is 32bit then type rafay32 and press enter if your windows are 64 bit then type rafay 64 and press enter in mine case it is 32 bit then I type rafay 32 

Now you can select any option if you want to all passwords including windows passwords wifi passwords and browser passwords  then type rafay32 all and you will get all the password which is saved your windows, wifi, browser, and any other corner

still, you do not understand then please watch our video thanks

Note: this is only for the educational purpose I am not responsible for any criminal activity

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